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About Our Days

Structure of the day:

A rhythm of interwoven structured activities balanced with unstructured child-driven play allows the children to root into free flow and predictability in their day.

8:30-9:30 -  Free play/morning tracking/crafts

9:30-10:00 -  **Morning Munch

10:00-11:00 -  Free play/cooking/harvesting from garden

11:00-11:15 -  **Song circle

11:15-11:45 -  **Teatime (nutritious snack provided)

11:45-12:45 -  Free play/wandering on the land/crafts

12:45-1:00 -  Sit spots

1:00-1:20 -  **Lunch/Storytime

1:20-1:30 -  Packing up and tidying

1:30 -  Preschool/Short Day pick up

1:40 - 2:15 - *Kindergarten class activities/lessons

2:30 -  *Kindergarten/Full Day pick up

* Kindergarten students have the option to stay for an additional hour of kindergarten-age-focused activities and lessons.

**Structured time/shared meals.

Cute Girl Eating Apple

One hearty snack of fruits, veggies, nut or seed butter, rice cakes, or a meal prepared together as a class is provided at Teatime. A nutritious morning snack and substantial lunch should be packed daily in each child’s backpack along with a water bottle, and appropriate gear to enjoy whatever weather the day is forecasted to hold.


The correct gear is essential. If properly dressed any weather can be enjoyed and embraced with glee. We require that each child be appropriately outfitted for the given season and forecast and are happy to provide support or advice for what we have found works best for the current or upcoming conditions.

Jumping in Puddles

Please take a moment each night to look at the forecast for the upcoming day in detail so that you can choose the best items to pack for your child. Many children enjoy this process if you would like to share it with them, and it is a great opportunity for exploring weather tracking and self-care.

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