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Our Philosophy

There is an unparalleled inspiration, intelligence, guidance, and wisdom embedded in nature. Billions of years have honed billions of species each with uniquely adapted specialization to thrive in their environment. We celebrate and value each aspect of the natural world as a gift to learn from if we choose to uncover and embrace it.



A child enters the world consumed by wonder and asking endless, brilliant questions about their surroundings. As mentors, our job is to ask alongside them, honor their curiosity and intelligence, and share what we have learned so they may build upon it with their intuitive genius. As participants on any level, we aim to expand our awareness and allow ourselves to embrace the childlike curiosity and wonder that leads to open-ended exploration and limitless discovery.


Why outdoors?

An outdoor setting is inherently stunning, magical, and soothing. Opening our minds and hearts, it brings us closer to ourselves allowing us to heal, relax, and respond from a place of peace and belonging. Our bodies are designed to develop, reset, and settle in the natural world in a way that is nearly impossible to replicate in any other setting. So, whenever possible, we host our workshops and classes in nature.


We hope to discover ways to connect, learn, play, and grow as friends and collaborators while supporting our community and planet to thrive in the process. To find abundance and share it. To succeed as a species alongside all other beings and systems on our planet with regenerative practices, sustainability, and pride in our methods.


We cherish each hour spent exploring, tending the land, connecting with peers, and studying the wild as it yields yet another layer to uncover and learn with each new discovery. It is a humbling, inspiring, and endlessly fruitful journey to embark upon!


We hope you join us.

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