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Our Tiny School House

We spend most of our time enjoying the surrounding 5 acres of hills and forest, but when we do need to tuck inside, we retreat to our Tiny School House.


Designed to feel like an extension of the outdoors, there are more windows than walls so that every angle of the beauty that encompasses the space can be enjoyed from our cozy lookout.


Thank you to our builders!

This Fall and Winter (2023) Greg and Bob Panero volunteered countless hours helping Shamata construct and bring this Tiny School House to life. It has been a rewarding, fun, and fruitful family endeavor and the space holds the laughter and collaboration of many volunteers, parents, and friends having worked alongside each other to create a truly magical space. The children are absolutely thriving here and we all look forward to building out the spring garden and inviting in more families to collaborate and share the space with in the upcoming years.


There is still much work and play to be done, so a huge thank you to every hand that has or will be involved in bringing this dream into reality.

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