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Leather-Working With Your Child


$160 per adult


4 Months - (1 class per month)

About the Course

This course will begin in April 2024 and run on the first Sunday of the month from 12pm-2pm for 4 months. Late joiners may be added, so feel free to inquire about joining even if the course has already begun.


Materials will be provided and projects vary from journals to pouches and other accessories depending on the interest and enthusiasm of the class.


This class pairs well with the parent/child whittling workshop (coming soon) as well so you can create a handmade tool belt for your woodworking tools!

blue abstract watercolor painting on white paper.jpg

Your Instructors

Shamata James

Shamata is our preschool teacher and also happens to have spent the lest 15 years cultivating her skills as a leather-worker. Join her in learning the art of leather-working with children and developing skills to bring into your own crafty projects as well.

Shamata James
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