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Frequently asked questions

What do you do when it rains? What about when it’s really hot?

We believe that there is no “bad weather” - only bad clothes! When it rains we require that children are outfitted in warm clothing and rain gear. And then…we play in the rain! When it snows.. we sled!

In the summer heat, we get wet in the Mud Kitchen, play with icy water and spray bottles, create water games, and rest in the shade.

Our Tiny School House is available for children to rest and recoup as needed, but we encourage outdoor play as much as feels healthy and sustainable.

What about 'Smoke Season'?

We generally try to host class regardless of the weather but may cancel school for lightning, imminent flooding, extreme heat, severe wind, when the AQI is above 200, or for any conditions deemed unsafe or unhealthy for the children or staff.


When AQI levels are between 125 and 225, we shorten our days to 4 hrs, moderate time spent outdoors, and host an extra day on Fridays to make up for lost class time when possible. We have two HEPA air filters in the School House and are happy to have children wear N95 masks while outdoors when requested by parents or children.

Is potty training required? Where do children use the bathroom?

We generally require that children be potty trained before enrollment, but flexibility and special cases can be made when appropriate. 


Our potty is a camp toilet that children may use with privacy and support. We use eco-friendly single-use liners, biodegradable treatment enzymes, and all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized before and after each use.


We also allow children to 'water trees' with parental permission and have a flush toilet in the house nearby if preferred. We provide children with toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and soap/water for cleanup. 


Here are some other folks who inspire, educate, and have impacted our philosophy and approach to nature connection and education.

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